Jazzy Coding

The Art of Structured Improvisation. By Carsten Nielsen

About me

About this blog: This is my personal paste-bin about some things/thoughts I’d like to share. Mainly it’s about code and other geeky stuff but maybe you’ll find some comments on books or music. Who knows?

About me: After some fun-coding on the legendary C64 and Amiga 500 – I got serious in Huh-we-just-bought-a-fax-machine-1997 and started my own
business as a freelance web-developer. I’ve fought several browser-wars, cooked spaghetti with pearls and learned to fly on a penguin. After migrating with my family from Germany to Sweden in 2010 I started at the nordic Open-Source-Company Redpill Linpro mainly working on PHP-related stuff. If I got some spare time – which is not easy to get with my family – I’m committing around in the Open-Source-Universe and making music.

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